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2015 Annual Honors Conference

Friday and Saturday, 6-7 February , 2015

Courtney Mullins (Outstanding Thesis and Presentation) and Merrit Corrigan (Honorable Mention) were recognized by Phi Beta Kappa for their exceptional projects during the 2015 Honors Conference. Congratulations!

As the capstone experience of the Honors Program at Millsaps, all seniors graduating with Honors will give public presentations of their research.

Friday, February 6, 2015

12:30-1:30pm (Olin Hall 100)

Merrit Corrigan (Honors in Anthropology)
God, Giving, and Gates: A Comparative Study of Exclusion and the Poor in the Peripheries of Urban Religious Spaces
Student Moderator: Caitlin Alford

Courtney Mullins (Honors in Biochemistry)
Analysis of DNA Cleaving Mechanism of Bifunctional Nitrogen Onium Salts
Student Moderator: Tung Hoang

Isabel Gray (Honors in Art History)
God in a Gallery: Examining the Transition from Abstraction to the Focus on the Figurative in Contemporary Religious Art
Student Moderator: Melinda Solomon


1:45-3:05 P.M. (Olin Hall 100)

Garrett Coble (Honors in Economics)
Let’s Make a Payment: Analyzing Mortgage Delinquency in Community Lending
Student Moderator: George Bey

Elizabeth Doyle (Honors in Religious Studies)
Initiatives in Midtown Research: Liberation Theology in Midtown Communion Rituals and Other Avenues for Research
Student Moderator: Karen Ezelle

Elizabeth Allen (Honors in Communications)
Across the Street and Around Midtown: Development and Communication at Millsaps College
Student Moderator: Anna Morgan Leonards

Annette Colman (Honors in English)
Auteurs Adapting: Exploring Auteur Style, Theme and Adaptation in Joe Wright’s Atonement and Anthony Minghella’s Cold Mountain
Student Moderator: Merrit Corrigan


Saturday, February 7, 2015

10:00–11:00 A.M. (Olin Hall 100)

Karen Ezelle (Honors in Biochemistry)
Trichomonas vaginalis virus Susceptibility to Ribavirin
Student Moderator: Isabel Gray

Tung Hoang (Honors in Mathematics)
Some Results on Path Localities of Completed Bipartite Graphs
Student Moderator: Elizabeth Doyle

Melinda Solomon(Honors in Biochemistry)
N-Substituted 1,8-Naphthalimides as Fluorescence Sensors
Student Moderator: Annette Colman


11:15 A.M.-12:15 P.M. (Olin Hall 100)

Caitlin Alford (Honors in History)
A General Patton in the OR
Student Moderator: Garrett Coble

George Bey (Honors in Classical Studies)
Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul Reexamined
Student Moderator: Elizabeth Allen

Anna Morgan Leonards (Honors in History)
White Women’s Work: The Junior League of Jackson 1927–1959
Student Moderator: Courtney Mullins