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Honors Program


The Honors Program at Millsaps College offers students the opportunity to pursue original work under the mentorship of a faculty advisor. It integrates past coursework with rigorous independent inquiry which leads to more advanced scholarship.

The Millsaps Honors Program affords excellent preparation for students planning to continue graduate study or corporate research. Of equal or greater importance, however, is the personal satisfaction and academic maturity derived from the intellectually challenging journey. Students successfully completing the Honors Program will be recognized at graduation with an Honors hood, and the designation of Honors is included on the student's official transcript.

The form of the Honors thesis varies broadly. It may be a theoretical analysis, empirical study, musical composition, body of art work, business plan or another form which allows the student to assert and defend an original idea. The thesis project is similar to a master's project but at a level appropriate for the Millsaps undergraduate student. The thesis is typically in the student's major but may be in another field if the student has sufficient prior coursework or other academic experience. The thesis is written under the supervision of a faculty committee consisting of an advisor, a second reader, and a member of the Honors Committee. The Honors thesis project must be independent of research performed for another Millsaps requirement such as a senior research project.

The Honors Program Director is Dr. Brent Hendrixson.


Program Outline

I. Purpose of the Honors Program

II. Program Requirements

III. Completing the Honors Program

1. Contact the Honors Program Director
2. Select an Advisor and a Thesis Topic
3. Honors Thesis Proposal
4. Thesis Research and Progress Assessment
5. Writing the Thesis
6. Thesis Completion and Defense
7. Honors Conference

IV. Overview of Honors by Major

V. Support Mechanisms

1. The Thesis Committee
2. The Thesis Advisor
3. The Second Reader
4. The Honors Committee Reader
5. The Honors Director

VI. Timeline and Deadlines

VII. Guidelines for Thesis Advisors

1. General Comments
2. The Thesis
3. Administrative Issues
4. A Final Word

VIII. Research and Presentation Grants

IX. Grant Guidelines

X. Honors Committee Members