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Research and Presentation Grants

Honors Program


The Honors Committee is pleased to announce financial grants to enhance the Millsaps Honors experience. Two types of grants are available to all Honors students and will be awarded on a competitive basis. Applications will be evaluated by the Honors Committee with priority given to projects which can be significantly enhanced with the funds. Successful applications will generally be funded in the $250-$750 range.

Junior Honors Research or Artistic Funding Grants

These grants may cover research-related expenses that aid in realizing the stated objectives. These expenses may include but are not limited to travel, meal, and hotel expenses for trips specifically related to the stated objectives, project supplies, copyright/patent costs, permissions, photocopying, transparencies, photographs, mailing, faxing, relevant membership fees, proofreading and indexing, printing (e.g. of survey instruments), subject payment and conference calls, etc. Books and software essential to research projects may be purchased if this is the most cost-effective way to achieve results. Equipment purchases such as computers and microscopes will not be funded. The deadline for applications for a Junior Research or Artistic Funding Grant is February 15 of the spring semester. Funds must be used by September 1 and reimbursement requested by September 15 of the fall semester.

Senior Honors Conference Travel Grants

These grants will support student travel to professional conferences at which the student will present Honors work. Reimbursable expenditures include travel, meal, and lodging accommodations. Applications for Senior Conference Travel Grants are due the Wednesday after Fall Break. All travel must be completed by May 15 of the senior year. 

A student may receive both a Junior Research Grant and a Senior Conference Travel Grant.

Criteria for Grants

In order to be considered, a grant proposal must include the following:

  • A description of a well-developed project with concrete, realizable objectives and the status of the project to date. This should include a brief justification of budget items and the funding's importance to the project.
  • A time line for expenditure of funds.
  • An itemized budget which estimates specific reimbursable costs and names the total sum requested.
  • A statement evaluating the request from the student's Honors advisor. In the case of a Travel Grant, the faculty statement should include an assessment of the student's potential for being accepted as a presenter.

Please contact Dr. Brent Hendrixson, Honors Program Director, with any questions. Applications are due to Dr. Hendrixson by the deadlines listed above. Please submit electronic copies.