Military Science Requirements

Minor in Military Science

Requirements for the minor: The minor requires 17 hours for completion.

The following courses must be completed at Millsaps College:

  • MLSC 1011: Challenges in Leadership I
  • MLSC 1021: Challenges in Leadership II
  • MLSC 1031: Challenges in Leadership Lab I
  • MLSC 1041: Challenges in Leadership Lab II
  • MLSC 2011: Leadership Development
  • MLSC 2021: Basic Military Skills I
  • MLSC 2031: Basic Military Skills Lab I
  • MLSC 2041: Basic Military Skills Lab II

The following courses completed at Jackson State University. Submit an official transcript to the Office of Records at Millsaps College for inclusion on your academic transcript.

  • MS 300: Leaders Training Course Preparation
  • MS 401: Advanced Theories in Leadership I
  • MS 402: Advanced Theories in Leadership II
  • MS 403: Seminar on Leadership
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