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Dunbar Lectures

Department of Philosophy

"Searching for Alien Life: Will We Recognize It If We Find It?"

Carol Cleland

Professor of Philosophy and Investigator in the Center for Astrobiology and Affiliated Scholar of NASA Institute for Astrobilogy

University of Colorado

7:00pm, Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Academic Complex 215, Reception following

We often talk about "life as we know it" as scientists search for life on other planets. But why limit life to "as we know it"? And what is it that we even know? Join philosopher, astrobiology theorist, and NASA advisor Carol Cleland to discuss the problems of defining life and the implications for studying extra-terrestrial biology, artificial life, and even the possibility of invisible lifeforms right here on Earth.

Carol Cleland is Professor of Philosophy and Investigator in the Center for Astrobiology at the University of Colorado in Boulder and an Affiliated Scholar of NASA Institute for Astrobiology. She specializes in philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, and the nature of causation. She is the co-editor of The Nature of Life (Cambridge, 2010) and the author of numerous articles in astrobiology and the philosophy of science, including the influential concept of the "shadow biosphere".


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Richard Bergmark

The Dunbar Lectures

Instituted by Jack F. and Wylene Dunbar in honor of Robert E. Bergmark, beloved Millsaps  philosophy professor, colleague, scholar, and civil rights advocate.