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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What's the entry rate, for Millsaps students, into Medical School?

Answer: Since the entering class of 1989, our entry rate has been essentially 65%. This percentage reflects the total number of students who have completed their pre-medical curriculum at Millsaps and have submitted an application to an allopathic medical school (in the US) for the year in question.

The numerator is the total number of those students who have matriculated in an allopathic medical school (either that year or subsequently).

This percentage, then, includes a few students who got degrees elsewhere, and in other fields, but completed the pre-medical curriculum at Millsaps. The percentage also excludes a few students who graduated from Millsaps, but changed fields and completed the pre-medical curriculum elsewhere.

Any Millsaps student who applies to medical school is evaluated by the Pre-Health Committee and counted in our data. There are schools who only evaluate and count the students they think are likely to get in to medical school. Obviously, this raises their percentage.

The National admission rate for the class of 2005 was 45.5%. This data comes from the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) statistics and the report to Millsaps College from the Pre-Health Committee.

Question 2: How many students does the 65% entry rate correlate to in numbers?

Answer: From 1989 to 2007, the number of students have ranged from 10 to 31 per year (7 to 20 in University of Mississippi Medical Center). From 1989-2007, we have matriculated 338 students. Given that the enrollment at Millsaps averages about 1,000 undergraduate students per year, this figure is impressive.

Question 3: Where do Millsaps students attend medical school?

Answer: Naturally, most students attend the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. The best chance of admittance is always the public medical school of the state of legal residence. Many state schools (including LSU and UMC) only admit legal residents.

There are approximately 126 allopathic medical schools in the US. From 1989 to 2007, Millsaps students have matriculated in 33 medical schools, basically covering the Eastern half of the United States. In particular during the time period 1989 to 2007, 221 Millsaps students matriculated in UMC, 29 in LSU-New Orleans, 17 in LSU-Shreveport, 11 in Tulane, and several scattered throughout Emory, Vanderbilt, Washington University.

Question 4: What other professional schools do Millsaps students attend?

Answer: From 1992-2007 approximately 27 students have matriculated in Osteopathic medical schools. Osteopathic schools are often overlooked by pre-medical students, and should routinely be included in applications.

The interest in dentistry has increased in Millsaps over the past five years. From 1989-2006, the UMC dental school has awarded DMDs to over 30 of our graduates.

Millsaps also sends a steady trickle of students to veterinary, pharmacy, physical therapy, nursing, and medical technology schools.