The Pre-Ministerial Program is not a major itself but may be combined with any major at Millsaps College. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church since its foundation in 1890, Millsaps has educated generations of church leaders through its Pre-Ministerial Program and has produced more United Methodist bishops than any other college or university in the country. Millsaps College is distinguished by a core curriculum infused with a spirit of philosophical and religious inquiry. Guided by the faculty members of the Religious Studies Department and the College Chaplain, you can customize any major with the courses in religion, philosophy, and the social and behavioral sciences that will provide a firm foundation for study at any theological seminary for any denomination.

Given the special challenges of the practice of ministry, you should plan to pursue education at a theological seminary.

The best preparation for such professional education is an undergraduate education with breadth in the liberal arts, including significant work in the study of religion and philosophy and in the social sciences. If you plan to go to seminary, you should take a collection of five relevant courses as recommended by the religious studies department.

If you are considering a ministerial career, you should consult the College Chaplain as early as possible.