Self-Designed Major

Millsaps College offers the opportunity to design a major to best fit your personality,
career goals, and specific educational needs. The self-designed major is a customized
major that you design, working closely with appropriate faculty. The curricular, instructional,
and administrative framework for the pursuit of a self-designed major is not, by contrast
with that of standard majors, already in place. It must be constructed by a special
effort. Although members of the faculty and administration of the College stand ready
to help you along the way, the initiative for this special effort lies with you. Consequently,
a higher degree of self-motivation may be demanded if you are pursuing a self-designed
major as opposed to a more established route to graduation.

Course for Self-Designed Majors

SDMA 4900 Senior Seminar for Self-Design Major (4 sem. hours).

This class serves as the senior capstone course for students with self-designed majors
and includes intensive reading, discussion, and research on a topic directly related
to the student’s area of interest. Depending on the structure of the student’s major,
the course will include either specially designed comprehensive exams, a thesis, or
an original research project including significant written analysis appropriate to
the student’s field.

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