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European Arts and Sciences


The Idea of the City: Anthropology and Urban Form
STDA 2010

Millsaps College | Study AbroadStudy the way in which cities are shaped by the people who built them and how they influence the culture and identity of the people who use them. Through a field based examination of various aspects of urban form, we will explore the cultural identities of the inhabitants of two of the world's great cities: Munich and Florence. The course combines anthropology, art, architecture, history and cultural studies in order to interpret the relationships between urban form and the nature of urban existence from the foundation of these cities until the present.


Fine Arts in London: Past and Present
STDA 2000

Millsaps College | Study AbroadExamine and experience the range of fine arts available in a world city through this program. World cities offer a vision, quality and variety of arts unavailable to most of us. We will explore a variety of artistic expressions such as theatre, the visual arts, architecture and gardens which will help us understand how London created and incorporated arts from around the world into its own aesthetic vision.