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Semester in Yucatan

Study Abroad Programs

Spend the Fall 2015 Semester in Yucatán

Millsaps College is proud to announce the return of its Semester Abroad Program in Yucatán, which will be offered in the Fall Semester of 2015. Using your regular tuition, room and board, you will be able to live and study abroad for the entire spring semester in Mexico. In fact, the program will cost the same as a semester on campus, plus only an additional $1000 activity fee.*

This cost will include a Spanish language course with home-stay, plus room and board at all three of the Millsaps facilities in Yucatán: Casa Millsaps in the city of Mérida, Millsaps Puuc Archaeological Research Center (MPARC) in town of Oxkutzcab, and our bio-cultural reserve, Kaxil Kiuic. It will also include four major field excursions—including trips to the several World Heritage sites, the Caribbean (or Maya Riviera), and the states of Campeche and Chiapas—as well as a number of day trips. All major expenses for these adventures will be covered by your fees. The program will also feature an extended fall break for personal travel (cost not included).

All Millsaps students will have scheduling options worth the normal course load of sixteen credit-hours, applicable in the following major or minor programs:

  • Communication Studies
  • English
  • Film Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology-Anthropology
  • Spanish (also contributes to the college language requirement)

In addition, students will participate in special Community Engaged Learning activities within local Yucatecan communities, worth an additional two semester hours of course credit, offered in conjunction with Ko ‘ox Boon, the community outreach arm of Kaxil Kiuic, the non-profit organization administered by Millsaps.

If you are interested in the Millsaps semester in Yucatán, visit or email Dr. Eric Griffin  (Director of Latin American Studies and Chair of English), Dr. George Bey  (Associate Dean of International Education and Professor of Anthropology), or Dr. David Wood  (Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair of Modern Languages). This program is open to only 12-14 students (9-10 from Millsaps College and 4-5 from the other schools in our Consortium).

* Robinson Study Abroad Fellowships and special Yucatán Scholarships will be available to qualified students.