Teacher Licensure at Millsaps

Option 1

Millsaps-William Carey Partnership Program

Earn teacher licensure upon graduation in Grades 4-6 or 7-12

This program allows you to earn a Class A teaching license in secondary education (grades 7-12) or upper elementary education (grades 4-6).  Students in this program earn the first 18 credit hours toward a Master’s in Teaching from William Carey University.  Students who complete a master’s program are eligible for a Class AA teaching license, which qualifies teachers for a higher rate of pay in most school districts.

Step 1: Inform your advisor and Dr. DeZutter of your interest as soon as possible.

  • Since you will need to have nearly everything for your major, your degree, and Compass done before your senior year, it is important to plan your courses carefully.
  • The courses for the WCU partnership are only offered as needed, so it is important that Dr. DeZutter (Director of Programs in Education) knows of your interest.
  • There are many exciting paid and/or credit-bearing opportunities for Millsaps students with an interest in education. Once Dr. D. knows about your interest, she can send these opportunities your way.

Step 2: Pursue your major

  • To teach grades 7-12
    • Major in the discipline you want to teach and minor in Education Leading to Licensure
  • To teach grades 4-6
    • self-design a major in Education Studies including EDUC 3200 Early Literacy

Step 2: Apply to the program

  • Contact the Director of Programs in Education, Stacy DeZutter (dezuts@millsaps.edu) by the end of your junior year for an application
  • 2.75 GPA is required by the State of Mississippi for all teacher licensure candidates.
  • Students with a GPA between 2.75 and 3.0 will also need an ACT of 21, an SAT of 990, or a passing score on the Praxis CORE.

Step 3: Licensure coursework & requirements

  • Take two on-line courses and complete a teaching residency in the fall of your senior year (9 credit hours total for fall semester)
  • Student teach (7:30-3:30 weekdays) in the spring of your senior year and take EDUC 4300 Seminar for Future Educators.
    • You will not be able to take any other classes this semester, so be sure all your requirements for your degree, Compass, and your major are done by the fall of your senior year.
  • Completers of this program have the option of continuing in William Carey’s M.A. in Teaching program.
    • Coursework completed in the partnership counts toward the Masters.
    • The Masters is designed for working teachers, so you can begin earning an income as a teacher while completing the master’s degree.
  • Pass the Praxis II Principles of Teaching and Learning and the Praxis II Subject Area specialty test. For Grades 4-6, also pass the Foundations of Reading test in order to qualify for licensure.

Frequently asked questions about the William Carey partnership program

  • What if I want to teach grades K-3?
    • There is no path at Millsaps for licensure in grades K-3 upon graduation. You will need to go to graduate school to do this. Continue on in the William Carey Master’s program or consider the Rhodes College Masters of Teaching in Urban Education (see below).
  • Can I live at Millsaps while completing the Millsaps-William Carey teacher education partnership program?
    • There is no need to change your living arrangements. The coursework is online and residency/student teaching can be done in the Jackson metro area.
  • Can I still play my sport while completing the Millsaps-William Carey teacher education partnership program?
    • Participation in this program will not affect your eligibility.
  • What about financial aid?
    • Participating in the partnership will not affect financial aid. Students will register for courses through Millsaps and will be considered full-time at Millsaps.
  • What if I can’t clear my schedule for student teaching?
    • Consider earning your license through graduate school. For example, Millsaps graduates receive automatic admission to the Rhodes College Masters of Teaching in Urban Education, which includes substantial financial aid. (See Option 2 below.)

Option 2

The Rhodes College Masters in Urban Education

This program offers licensure in Elementary and Secondary education and is a great option for those who cannot clear their senior year or who want to teach grades K-3. A substantial scholarship is offered to all admitted students. Millsaps students with a 3.0 GPA receive automatic admission to this program. Dr. DeZutter is available to help you with the application process.

For more information, see https://www.rhodes.edu/academics/graduate-studies/master-arts-urban-education.

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