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Services for Faculty

Writing Program


Even those faculty who have experience teaching writing in composition classrooms find it difficult to shape writing assignments clearly in order to elicit the best possible writing samples from their students. Even those faculty who know all of the jargon from the field of composition and rhetoric find it difficult to find time in their content courses to teaching writing skills, especially elements of the writing process, to their students. Even those faculty who have years of experience grading essays find it difficult to know what to say in certain grading circumstances. In short, while assigning, teaching, and grading writing can be rewarding, it is not always easy.

Nevertheless, allowing your students to write about subjects in your classroom is one of the most pedagogically sound methods for engaging them in their work. Strong writing assignments can allow students to pull together their thoughts on several subjects within one discipline or across disciplinary lines in a way that few other critical thinking tasks can. The Millsaps Writing Program therefore seeks to support you as you endeavor to teach writing. We hope to do this in a variety of ways, and we are eager to assist you with incorporating writing into your courses in any ways as many ways as possible.

  • Referral service for faculty concerns about individual student writers
  • Brainstorming on ways to involve writing in any course
  • Consultation and collaboration on writing assignments for courses in any major
  • Team-teaching writing assignments in classes
  • In-class writing workshops

To enlist our services as you incorporate writing into your courses, simply contact the Writing Program.