The purpose of the Board of Visitors of Millsaps College is to provide opportunities for leading alumni, parents, and friends to engage in informed discussion about current issues in the life of the College; to offer insight and counsel for the College’s administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees about those issues; and to invite meaningful engagement with and support of the institution.

Polly Bailey
Tupelo, MS

Peter Bernheim
Gulfport, MS

Lisa Bowden Boswell
Atlanta, GA

Dionne Brown
New Orleans, LA

Rob Buxton
Los Gatos, CA

Pryor Callaway
New York, NY

Jim Carr
Kansas City, MO

Henry Chatham
Jackson, MS

Michele Wren Cook
West Hartford, CT

Tom Dupree
New York, NY

Ward Emling
Florence, MS

Rachel Davis Fowlkes
Abingdon, VA

Todd Glisson
Nashville, TN

Lloyd Gray
Meridian, MS

Jo Watson Hackl
Greenville, SC

James Henley
Jackson, MS

Jessica Knight Henry
Washington, DC

John Kueven
Katy, TX

Banks Link
Nashville, TN

Laurie Lovely
Davis, CA

Lynne Mabus
Alexandria, VA

David Martin
Jackson, MS

John May
Jackson, MS

Mike Morris
Naples, FL

Ashley McPhail
Houston, TX

Jeanne Middleton-Hairston
Jackson, MS

Mike Morris
Naples, FL

Andy Mullins
Oxford, MS

Shawn O’Brien
Houston, TX

Lawrence Ou
Los Angeles, CA

Manisha Sethi
Madison, MS

Mike Tagert
Starkville, MS

Carol Hederman Tatum
Cleveland, MS

Amanda Turner
Cleveland, MS