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A/V Technician Request Form


For any technical assistance with events held on campus, please fill out the form below. Please include all services you need in order to be fully assisted by a technician. This form should be completed in addition to your actual event request.

Note: This form is not to be used for events scheduled in the Marion L. Smith Auditorium located in the Millsaps College Christian Center. Please contact the Office of Event Scheduling directly for this facility's set up and technical needs.

As a reminder, the Millsaps Community can make reservations online at mdu.millsaps.edu or via campus email by emailing eventscheduling@millsaps.edu. Please follow the guidelines provided on the requesting a space.

Using A/V Technicians:

Please note that you will be charged a technician fee anytime you reserve a space during the academic year that requires an A/V technician for sound, lights, or presentations. A minimum of one hour will be charged, but the A/V Tech must be paid for all of the time that you use. The standard campus community cost for an A/V Tech is $12.00 per hour. During very busy times such as Men's and Women's Recruitment, Welcome Week, Major Madness, Homecoming, etc., the costs rises to $20.00 per hour.

Note: Last minute requests (36 hours or less) for an A/V Technician may result in a service charge of $20.00 per hour. Rates for external groups vary. Summer rates are different for all groups.

All information below is required.

Event Date:

Event Start and End Time: Example (4:30 P.M. - 5:30 P.M.)

Set-Up Time AV Tech Needed:

Is Tech Needed for Entire Event?   Yes   No

Organization Name:

Contact Person:

Contact Phone Number:

Account Number for Tech Charges:

Location of Event - Building and Room Number:

Please list the equipment or services you will need:
Services include but are not limited to: microphone setup, computer, projector, screen, assistance with powerpoint, etc.