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Payment Options

Business Office

At Millsaps College, we accept many payment methods and offer several payment options to fit your needs. All students must have their balance paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan prior to the due date for each term. We are pleased to offer tuition payment plans administered by Official Payments for the 2016-2017 academic year. Our payment options and specific information pertaining to each are listed below. If you have questions regarding your payment options, please contact the Business Office at 601.974.1100 or email BusinessOffice@millsaps.edu for clarification.

For assistance in calculating your balance and payment plan cost, please see our Fall 2016 Payment Options Worksheet.

To see your student account online and print a statement, please go to your Major Access account and select "View My Account and Make a Payment." The Fall 2016 semester billing will be available July 5, 2016.


  • I. Available Payment Plans

    • This year Millsaps College will offer 3 convenient payment plans administered by Official Payments. Starting July 5, go to www.millsaps.edu/paymentplan to view more information and enroll in a plan.

      • - Payment Methods: Automatic Bank Draft (ACH) and Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express - Normal Processing Fees Apply.) 

      • - Cost to Participate: There is a $40 application fee for the 2 and 4 payment plans or a $100 application fee for the 3 payment plan.

      • - Students must enroll in one of the payment plan options by July 31st to avoid a late fee.

      • Available Plans (Fall 2016 Semester)

      • - 2 Payments: Payments due July 25 and September 25

      • - 3 Payments: Payments due August 25, September 25, and October 25

      • - 4 Payments: Payments are due July 25, August 25, September 25, and October 25

  • II. Payment in Full

    • Unless specifically enrolled in a payment plan, full payment of the student account balance should be submitted by July 31 for the fall semester and December 18 for the spring semester. Click here to make an online payment.

      • - The balance shown on your current semester student account statement will include any financial assistance awarded to you by Millsaps College as of the date noted on the statement.

      • - If your financial awards are based on full-time registration and on-campus housing and your statement does not reflect these charges, please contact the Business Office for additional information and correction.

      • - A late payment fee of $100 will be applied to your account for each month payment is delinquent.

  • III. Summer School Payment

    • There is no payment plan option for summer school. Payment in full is required at registration. Enrollment is not complete until payment is received. Registration costs are printed in the Summer Course Schedule.


For additional financial information, refer to Tuition and Fees or to the Financial Information in the College Catalog. For more information, please contact the Business Office at 601-974-1100 or email BusinessOffice@Millsaps.edu.