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Required Forms

Business Office


Student Authorization

All students are required to submit the following form upon admittance to Millsaps College: Student Authorization (PDF)

This is a two part form regarding: I) Federal Funds and II) Financial Responsibility:

I) The Federal Funds authorization is required when federal funds are awarded to a student account for the current academic year. This authorization must be on hand to instruct us how to process these funds.

NOTE: In order to use a Federal credit to obtain a bookstore voucher to purchase your books, you must authorize us to charge miscellaneous expenses against the credit balance on the authorization form.

II.) Financial Responsibility section acknowledges the financial responsibility of the student for fees incurred during an academic year.

Student Health Insurance 

All full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage.  Millsaps College is pleased to offer a student health insurance policy to all students through Bollinger Health.  You may view a brief plan description here (see 2015-2016 Plan Brochure).  Students who can demonstrate adequate coverage may waive the insurance plan offered by the College by completing the Online Waiver. 

  • If this information is not received you will automatically be enrolled in this policy and the premium will be charged to your student account.
  • This policy does not cover students while participating in SCAC/College sponsored sports.  Additional coverage is required.  (This restriction does not apply to intramural sports.)

Required Parent Form

Plus Loan: Federal Parent Loan (PDF)

This authorization is to be submitted by any individual applying for a Federal Parent Loan which will be used to cover the student's cost of attendance. This form covers the same federal requirements as discussed in Student Authorization but is to be completed by the borrowing parent.

NOTE: If this loan creates a credit balance on the student account and a refund is requested, the refund check is always issued in the student's name and sent to the student's permanent/home address.

All forms will be held on file in the Business Office and referenced as needed. These forms will remain in effect until a written statement revising or rescinding the listed information is submitted to the Business Office. Students are required to update this information annually.