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Traffic and Parking Regulations

Campus Safety


Vehicle Registration and Zoned Parking System

Campus Map

With the exception of short term guests and visitors, all vehicles parked or driven on campus by students, faculty, or staff must be properly registered with the College and identified by the current numbered decal provided. Students must register their vehicles at the beginning of each fall semester, or the earliest date thereafter if a vehicle is brought to campus later during the semester. Registration is required for all vehicles including those borrowed or leased. The yearly decal lasts through the following spring and summer sessions. Students who may change domiciles during the year are responsible for procuring the zone decal that applies to their new residence. The decal is to only be placed on the vehicle to which it was registered. Only one current decal may be displayed on a vehicle. In the case of two immediate family relatives sharing the same vehicle with two different zone domiciles, special arrangements may be applied for through Campus Safety. Decals must be affixed to the lower left hand corner of the front windshield, on the driver's side, directly above the state inspection sticker, and be displayed in an upright and externally readable manner.

Parking congestion on most campuses is a fact of life. Such burdensome situations are usually created by too many drivers competing for spaces in the central core of the campus. Millsaps is designed as a pedestrian campus. This design is intended to minimize "inter-zone" vehicular travel by students during zone hours. Neither student work-study employment, nor varsity sports practice/games will exempt students from parking regulations.

Zoned Parking System Rules

  1. Enforced zone hours are from 8:00am through 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, during fall and spring semesters. During other times vehicles may be parked in any legitimate space (except those specifically marked with other designations such as "fire", "reserved", "loading", etc.).
  2. Zone hours in the HAC lot ONLY have been adjusted to the following: 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday.
  3. During zone hours, south residents are to park in lots south of the Christian Center. Additionally, south residents parking on the east side of campu must park south of Johnstone House. The new Galloway and South Hall parking lots are for use only by south residents during zone hours also.
  4. During zone hours, north residents are to park in lots north of Bacot, Sanderson, and Franklin. Additional north resident parking may be found in the Olin / HAC lot, although it is to be remembered that primary north resident parking is in the north lots, not Olin.
  5. The Olin / HAC lot is an open lot during zone hours (except to south residents).
  6. The circular drive (Whitworth circle) from State street is reserved at all times for visitors and staff.
  7. During zone hours the following areas are reserved for faculty, staff and commuters:
    • The Academic complex lots,
    • The spaces behind (east), in front (west) of the Christian Center,
    • The space west of Murrah Hall,
    • The spaces in front (west) of and behind the English house,
    • The spaces behind John Stone Hall.
  8. Of necessity, Millsaps' maintenance vehicles, vendors, repairmen,etc. will be allowed temporary parking in any area during the performance of their immediate job duties. These vehicles, however, should not block traffic nor cause a hazard.
  9. Residence Life Coordinators have specific parking spaces at their halls. Those spaces are for the RLC's only. Any other vehicles parked therein will be cited.
  10. Millsaps Campus Safety officers have the option of issuing citations, installing a wheel lock, or instituting a tow-away of offending out of zone vehicles.

General Parking Policies

  • Parking is not allowed in reserved areas that are specifically marked as such.
  • Parking is not allowed on lawns, sidewalks, nor in areas where curbs or other street surfaces are painted red, white, or yellow.
  • Vehicles may not block traffic.
  • The provisions of the zoned parking and registration system must be observed for all vehicles parked on campus (including commuters).
  • The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Unsafe driving is prohibited.
  • Drivers are responsible to the College for damage to College property.
  • Campus driving privileges may be revoked for cause by the Director of Campus Life in consultation with the Associate Dean of Students.
  • Owners of motor vehicles driven or parked on the Millsaps campus must maintain liability insurance for the vehicle. Should any uninsured vehicle be involved in an on-campus accident, the student who owns, leases, or is otherwise responsible for the presence of such uninsured vehicle on campus shall forfeit campus driving privileges for the remainder of the academic year. The uninsured vehicle must be immediately removed from campus. The student must then apply to the Director of Campus Life for permission to have a vehicle on campus the following year.

Parking Citation Definitions and Fines

Fines are payable in the Business Office by either check, credit card, or by charging to an existing authorized CREDIT on the violator's student account. If paying by mail, enclose a copy of the ticket with the check or money order. The mailing address is:

Business Office
Millsaps College

1701 North State Street
Jackson, MS. 39210-0001

Unpaid fines become part of a student's College bill and must by paid promptly. Fines not paid or appealed within 2 weeks (14 calendar days) of the date of issue.

Citations are placed on the offending car windshield. It is possible for one to be blown away in the wind, or to have been removed by someone else. The other copy of the citations are are kept in Safety Office. The violation remains valid in the system. The Campus Safety Office matains a database with all violations are issued.

Our College administration has made clear that traffic regulations and fines apply equally to students, faculty and staff. Appropriate sanctions will be incurred by violators.


  1. Improper Parking $25.00
    Parking outside of authorized zone. Parking in a reserved space. Double parking. Placement of vehicle on sidewalks, traffic islands, lawns. Parking in areas specifically prohibited by signs and curb paintings.
  2. Handicap Space Abuse $100.00
    Unauthorized use of handicap space.
  3. Blocking Traffic $40.00
    Blockage of another legitimately parked vehicle. Street or parking lane blockage.
  4. Unsafe Driving Practice $50.00
    Speeding. Failure to stop at a stop sign. Failure to yield to other vehicle or pedestrian. Damage to College property. Driving in areas other than paved streets, lanes, or parking lots.
  5. Failure to Properly Display Decal $25.00
    Current Millsaps College registration decal must be displayed in the manner stated on decal back. Violation includes non-registration of vehicle and citations may continue daily until such offending vehicle is registered.
  6. Wheel Lock Impoundment Sum of Fines
    A single particularly onerous violation, or a series of flagrant violations can precipitate the attachment of a wheel lock. In such cases all traffic fines are due immediately. Auto is released upon proof of payment.
  7. Vehicle Tow-Away $75.00
    Flagrant violations, safety hazards, abandoned vehicle, and traffic blockage are all causes that can precipitate a tow-away. Every effort shall be made toward the proper treatment of the vehicle during the towing process. However, the College assumes no liability for damages claimed by the owner.

Traffic Accidents

To Avoid an Accident

  • Always keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Increase this distance even more during rainy or foggy conditions.
  • Allow rude or impatient drivers to pass. Stay clear of weaving or reckless drivers; avoid passing them if possible.
  • Do not react to a driver who has become hostile. Avoid making eye contact or gesturing.

In Case of an Accident

  1. Unless there is immediate danger of further accidents, vehicles should be left in accident position for the perusal of the investigating authority. If there is danger and no serious injuries if possible, move your vehicles to a safe area such as a service station or well lit parking lot. Let the other driver know what you are doing so he/she does not think you are fleeing the scene.
  2. Conceal and secure any valuables before exiting your vehicle.
  3. Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons involved and all witnesses. Also write down their vehicle description including the license plate.
  4. Notify Campus Safety or if off campus, other authorities.
  5. Notify your insurance company when practicable. Fill in the following: Insured By: Policy No:


Students may, with legitimate reason, appeal only one citation, per semester period. Requests for appeal must be submitted to the SBA Student Security Committee within 2 weeks (14 days) of the citation issue date. Appeal forms are available in the Campus Safety Office or go online at the Campus Safety website. The appellate will be contacted by the Office of Campus Safety, and a hearing date set. Right of appeal is forfeited after 14 days.

Reimbursement of successfully appealed parking citations will be credited to the student's account by the Business Office.

Citations are issued in numbered sequence. The traffic officers that issue citations have no appeal or revocation authority therefore are not proper sources for verbal appeals.