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Information Technology Services

Scott McNamee, Director of Information Technology Services

The department of Information Technology Services (ITS) is the central agency that supports enterprise-wide computing on campus. It provides the products and services that you will use every day to complete tasks related to your studies or your jobs with a commitment to excellence in customer service and technical support.  These services are provided to the college community in support of the mission of Millsaps College.


ITS  is responsible for providing central platform and operating system, database, application, email, digital signage, and identity and access management services.  ITS provides the connecting layers, services, and support for campus applications and systems.

ITS Staff

Identity and access management provides core infrastructure and services that support authentication and authorization, identity and user lifecycle management, directory services, and related technologies, processes, and procedures.

Infrastructure Service is responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of the underlying technical infrastructure used to deliver the services used by the College. Infrastructure Services support the physical and virtual environment, communications infrastructure, storage and backup, and physical IT facilities as well as the processes required to ensure a reliable and stable infrastructure.

Core Services provides support for storage and backup services, the virtual environment used to host applications, and manages the multiple IT Facilities used to support those services.

Network Services designs, deploys, and maintains the network infrastructure connecting the College to external networks and the ability to transport information to internal users.

Services provided include:

  • Wired Network Connectivity
  • Wireless Network (PC-Secure) Connectivity
  • NAC
  • Network IP Management
  • Firewall Services
  • Internet 

Telephone Services is responsible for the Millsaps telephone system including VoIP, as well as the services dependent on telephone systems.

Data and Voice Network maintains the physical fiber, copper, and Ethernet infrastructure that physically interconnects all of campus.

User Services, ITS Helpdesk provides IT support to currently affiliated members of the Millsaps community.