Your student is looking at colleges and making important decisions about their future. We know you’re excited, but you may also be a little anxious and overwhelmed, too. On this page, we have compiled information and links you may find helpful. Still have questions? We are here to help.

Superior Academics and Faculty

The heart of Millsaps College is our rigorous liberal arts curriculum, incorporating structure and freedom through a broad exploration of the humanities, sciences, social sciences and business. Our students pursue individualized academic paths as they gain exposure to new disciplines, points of view and possibilities. Millsaps students learn to integrate ideas across disciplines while building knowledge in one (or more) of our 32 majors.

Our world-renowned faculty and staff will mentor, challenge and support students to their full potential through coursework, research, publication and internship opportunities, student organizations and athletics. Our 9:1 student to faculty ratio allows Millsaps professors to provide students with individual attention — such as extra help on a paper or an after-class conversation on a topic of shared interest.

Millsaps adds value to a student’s academic pursuits by providing Pathways, a four-year program, that is integrated into the curriculum. Pathways empowers students and allows them to connect interests through academics, relationships and experiences.

Millsaps is a Methodist-affiliated college, and our students learn amidst a diverse interfaith community, encouraging exploration of faith and intellectual curiosity in the Wesleyan tradition.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

A college education is likely the largest investment you will make for your student. We also know paying for college can be overwhelming. 

At Millsaps, we make the financial aid and scholarship process easy. We provide information to families to help them understand our costs and how we determine financial awards. Armed with this information, you’ll see how families from diverse backgrounds are able to afford a Millsaps education. 

And with our guaranteed path to graduation in four years, your student will reap the benefits of their Millsaps education early in life.

College in a Capital City

Millsaps’ professional and community partnerships in Mississippi’s capital city of Jackson provide our students with opportunities for personal and professional growth through internships, leadership roles and community outreach. Our students apply their knowledge learned in the classroom to the neighborhoods of Jackson, from the lab to local hospitals and from the lecture hall to museums.

Around the World

At Millsaps, our students learn in the classroom, community and around the globe. Our international study programs give students the chance to learn with faculty around the world, building cultural awareness and resourcefulness along the way. By sharpening their language skills, building cultural fluency and making global connections, our study abroad programs prepare students for tomorrow’s world by providing them with opportunities to look closely at how today’s world works.

From Yucatán to Spain to Thailand, we provide exceptional international experiences so our students can become global citizens and leaders.

Campus Safety

Millsaps College is committed to the safety of our students and community members. The federal government requires all colleges to publish safety records, and our statistics compare favorably to other schools located in cities. 

At Millsaps, we believe a multifaceted approach to safety is best. In addition to educating students, faculty and staff about safety, we ask them to play active roles in their day-to-day safety. Our Department of Campus Safety and Security also includes special services and physical and technological tools to ensure your student’s safety.