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Millsaps Referral Scholarship FAQ

Alumni Referral Scholarship, Legacy Scholarship


What is the Millsaps Referral Scholarship?
Beginning with the Fall 2013 entering class, Millsaps will award a Millsaps Referral Scholarship to all students who are referred to us by an alumnus of the College.

Who qualifies for the Millsaps Referral Scholarship?
Any freshman student referred for admission by an alumnus of the College before the student submits their application form qualifies for the scholarship. This scholarship is not available to transfer students.

How much financial aid is provided to the student?
The amount of the Millsaps Referral Scholarship will be $2,000 per year as the first component of the financial aid award. The scholarship will be awarded for four years, for a potential total of $8,000, assuming the student makes satisfactory progress toward a degree.

What is the Legacy Scholarship?
The Legacy Scholarship will also begin with the class entering in the fall of 2013. This scholarship will be awarded to all Millsaps legacy students who provide information about their legacy connection at the time of their application for admission.

Who qualifies for the Legacy Scholarship?
Students whose mother, father, sister or brother are Millsaps alumni.

Can a student receive both an Millsaps Referral Scholarship and a Legacy Scholarship?
No, a student may not receive both scholarships.

Can my child or sibling still receive a Legacy Scholarship if I attended but did not graduate from Millsaps?
If you attended Millsaps for two or more years you qualify as an alumnus of the College and your child or sibling is eligible for a Legacy Scholarship.

How do I refer a student?
You may refer a student online here.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make for Millsaps Referral and Legacy Scholarships?
There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make as long as they meet the criteria stated above.

For additional information about the Millsaps Referral and Legacy Scholarships, call the Admission Office at 1-800-352-1050, 601-974-1050 or email admissions@millsaps.edu.