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Arts Scholars Day

If You Have Talent, We Want to Hear From You!


2015 Audition Day:

Friday, January 30, 2015

Registration for Arts Scholars Day 2015 is now closed.
For questions about the various arts programs at Millsaps College, please contact Arts Scholars Day coordinator, Suzanne Glemot, by phone: 601.974.1257 or email: suzanne.glemot@millsaps.edu 


Arts Scholars Day is designed for students interested in our talent-based scholarships in art, art history, music, and theatre. Scholarships are awarded based on portfolio reviews, auditions, and/or interviews, and may be offered to students who will major in the arts and also to non-majors interested in participating in the arts at Millsaps.

In 2014, $1,500 to $15,000 per year were awarded to qualifying Arts Scholars in addition to the merit based scholarships students had already received upon their acceptance to the college.

To be considered for these scholarships, interested students must apply to the college by the Regular Decision deadline of Sunday, February 1, 2015. Additionally, students must complete their Arts Scholars application by 4:00 pm on Friday, January 16, 2015. Confirmation of completion will be sent via email, as well as audition or interview time, practice/warm up information, and directions to Millsaps College.




Fine Art at Millsaps College

Portfolio Requirements: Your portfolio should consist of eight to fifteen original works in any medium, showing a range of your abilities and a sense of your development as an artist. We are especially interested in seeing evidence of your ability to draw from observation. We are happy to look at sketchbooks, and you are not required to mat your artwork. Also include a one-page essay about a work of art that you included in your portfolio, using the following guidelines:

1) Briefly describe the work (including subject, medium, dimensions, and context of its making: e.g., was it a class assignment or your own idea, and if representational, was it done from life or from a photograph?).
2) What most pleases you about this work (in terms of the style, use of medium, and/or content)?
3) What challenges did you face in making this work?

Art History Requirements: Your application should consist of the following writing samples:

1) one humanities paper written during high school,
2) one paragraph on why you are interested in art history, and
3) a 1-2 page essay discussing an art work. For this essay in which you describe and critique an artwork of your choosing, please do not do any on-line or book research. We are interested in your ability to analyze the formal elements of the image as well as what you consider its larger meaning. Send a copy of the art work or a link to an on-line image along with your essay. Our interview on the Arts Scholars Day will consist of a conversation with you about these materials.

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Music at Millsaps College

  • Vocalists should prepare three (3) songs of contrasting styles from memory. Art songs are recommended. If possible, present at least one song in a language other than English. An accompanist will be provided. Please send sheet music prior to audition.
  • Pianists/Organists should present a 10-minute program consisting of solo works from at least two contrasting style periods (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary) from memory (pianists only). One selection should be either Baroque or Contemporary.
  • Wind and Guitar Instrumentalists should prepare two pieces:  an etude and one other contrasting solo concert piece of their choice. The etude and contrasting piece should be from different style periods (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary). Total time of program should not exceed ten minutes.  If the pieces to be presented include an accompaniment, then we require that you perform the selection with an accompanist.  An accompanist will be available upon request.
  • String Instrumentalists should prepare two pieces: one movement from a standard concerto plus an etude of your choice, which represents your latest technical capability.  We request that you also prepare two three-octave scales in the keys of your choice.  The two contrasting pieces should be from different style periods (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary).  Total time of program should not exceed ten minutes.  If the pieces to be presented include an accompaniment, then we require that you perform the selection with an accompanist. An accompanist will be available upon request.

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Theatre at Millsaps College

Performance Focus Requirements: All students interested in performance must audition and submit an artist statement, as follows:

  • Submit a one-page typed essay defining your goals and purpose as a theatre artist 
  • Prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues (no longer than two minutes each) and commit both of them fully to memory. The character should be age appropriate.
  • Participate in a short interview following audition

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