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Parents' Primer

Resources for parents of rising college freshmen

We know that parents play an important role in helping their children select a college, and we want to provide the information to help you make the best decision for your family. On this page, you'll find information and links on academics, scholarships, campus security, and the lifelong value of a Millsaps education.

At Millsaps, persistence in the pursuit of excellence creates a dynamic and transformative student experience through a unique combination of the humanities, sciences, and business education on a beautiful campus, enhanced by co-curricular opportunities across the street in the city of Jackson, MS, and in locations around the globe through international study programs and partnerships.

Learn about getting your student ready for college from Dr. Rob Alexander, Vice President of Enrollment and Communications at Millsaps College, by reading his blog Parental Guidance for College.


Superior Academics

The core of Millsaps College is a rigorous liberal arts and sciences curriculum and a fully accredited business school which underpin a campus culture that balances a broad education and career preparation. Our world-renowned faculty and staff are mentors who challenge and support students to their full potential through coursework, research, publication and internship opportunities, student organizations, and athletics. We deliver this education amidst a diverse interfaith community with Methodist roots, encouraging exploration of faith and intellectual curiosity in the Wesleyan tradition.


Academic Majors

Millsaps balances structure and freedom through broad exploration of the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and business, students pursue individualized academic programs, gaining exposure to new disciplines, new points of view, and new possibilities. While building a solid base of knowledge in one (or more) of our 32 majors, they learn to integrate ideas across disciplines.

At Millsaps, every course is taught at the Honors level.


Top Faculty

Professors expect students to actively participate in their education, and more than 80% of students participate in faculty-led research. As a result, students know and are known by their teachers - not as names on a list but as people with unique backgrounds and learning styles.

Our academic culture ensures that students receive plenty of individual attention from professors - such as extra help on a paper or an after-class conversation on a topic of shared interest. These relationships give students the courage to take intellectual risks, discover new passions, and dream of the possibilities that lie ahead.

"The experiences I've had at Millsaps are in many ways superior to what undergraduates at other colleges get - because our professors are so focused on us as individuals." - Jordan, Millsaps College senior


Scholarships and Financial Aid

We demystify the scholarship awarding process with a transparent matrix showing you how we determine financial awards, and breakdown our costs.

Scholarship matrix applicable to new freshmen students entering fall 2017:

2016 Millsaps College Scholarship Matrix

Armed with this information, you'll see how families afford the quality of a Millsaps degree. And most importantly, your investment in a Millsaps degree will pay dividends over your student's lifetime.

Think about this: if a typical student at a large public institution takes more than five years to graduate, even though the per-year out-of-pocket cost may be less than at Millsaps, you need to consider the total cost-to-degree, PLUS the lost salary due to delayed graduation!


College in a Capital City

Millsaps' location in Jackson matters to our students because they benefit from extensive professional and community partnerships in the capital city of Jackson, which provide internship opportunities for career preparation, leadership development, community outreach, and personal growth. More than 75% of Millsaps students have a for-credit internship or fieldwork experience.

Millsaps makes it possible for students to take their knowledge from the classroom to the neighborhoods of Jackson, from the lab to local hospitals, and from the drawing board to the Mississippi Delta. Our students are scholars and citizens. What they learn here is valuable to others.


Around the World

We're educating students on our campus, across the street in the city of Jackson, and around the globe. Millsaps' international study programs build cultural awareness and resourcefulness among students, enhancing their futures as global citizens and leaders. Faculty-led courses take place regularly in locations around the world. And, we provide extraordinarily unique experiences at our locations in Yucatán, including Millsaps' 4,500 acre bio-cultural reserve for multidisciplinary study and research, including Mayan archaeological ruins.

Preparing for leadership in tomorrow's world means getting a close look at how today's world works. About half of Millsaps' students study off campus - sharpening language skills, building cultural fluency, and making connections that literally span the globe.


Campus Safety

While on our campus, Millsaps is committed to ensuring the safety of its students and community members. The federal government requires all colleges to publish safety records, and Millsaps statistics compare favorably to other schools located in cities. Millsaps College believes that a multi-faceted approach to safety is best. In addition to educating students, faculty and staff about safety, and asking them to play active roles in their day-to-day safety, the Department of Campus Safety and Security also includes special services, physical and technological tools.


So please accept our invitation to visit Millsaps -
you have to see Millsaps in motion to truly appreciate it!