Dear Faculty and Staff,

As recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our partners at the University of Mississippi Medical Center continue to evolve with regard to the college’s COVID-19 response, we have again updated our Return to Work Guidelines, which may also be found on the COVID-19 website.

Updates to the document include:

  1. Added Table of Contents
  2. Symptom Monitoring Requirement
    • Added #CampusClear information.  Employees should use the app or website daily.
    • Added Information about the Millsaps Health Decision Tree and COVID-19 Notification Form.  Based on the #CampusClear results of daily reporting employees should follow the Decision Tree and complete the Notification Form as necessary.
  3. Added Employee Requirement if Experiencing Symptoms, Tested Positive for COVID-19, or Identified as a Close Contact of Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed with Covid-19 including:
    • Guidelines for Employees Who Are Experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19
    • Guidelines for Employees Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19
      • With Symptoms
      • With No Symptoms
    • Guidelines for Employees Identified as a Close Contact of Someone Who Has or is Suspected to Have COVID-19
      • CDC Definition of a Close Contact
  4. Added Millsaps College Faculty/Staff COVID-19 Health Decision Tree
  5. Added Dining on-campus section
  6. Face Masks/Coverings
    • Added Wear Your Mask Correctly section
    • Added Your mask should: section
  7. Guest/Visitors in the Workplace
    • Added guest should wear an appropriate face mask

Please let me know if you have any specifics questions.

Many thanks,

Julie Daniels, SPHR
Director of Human Resources

/transmitted by Annie Mitchell, OMC

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