Dear students,

Thank you for your commitment to upholding our community standards related to COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. Your actions reflect a promise to uphold The Major Call and our commitment to each other as a community of scholars. The current student COVID-19 protocols allow us to support an in person, community experience while also taking steps to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19.

As a reminder, students are expected to follow all college rules and protocols. This includes properly wearing a mask while indoors. Masks should fit securely over your nose, mouth and chin. When eating in indoor places such as the Caf or Leggett Living room, immediately mask up when done with your meal. Conversation, studying and other activities should be done masked, even when you are in a designated indoor dining area. Refusal of a student to follow any of the COVID-19 student guidelines may result in corrective action, including fines, removal from campus housing, suspension or expulsion from campus in accordance with the student conduct process.

Questions and comments regarding the student COVID-19 protocols may be sent directly to Megan James, Dean of Students, at

Go, Majors!

Megan James
Dean of Students

Questions? Email