Dear Millsaps Community:

The college’s COVID-19 Response Committee, in conjunction with updated options from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and with the endorsement from partners at the University of Mississippi Medical Center as well as the college’s Executive Staff, is reducing the number of days required in COVID-19 quarantine from 14 days to 10 days.

As a reminder, the definition of quarantine is keeping an individual who might have been exposed to the virus away from others, while the definition of isolation is keeping an individual who is infected with the virus away from others.

This option must be practiced in conjunction with the following parameters:

  • A negative test result received between days 5 and 8 is required for anyone who is identified as a close contact and who is in quarantine.
  • Quarantine may end after 10 days only if the individual has not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms during the entire duration of the quarantine.

The quarantine period begins the day after the last known contact with the COVID-19-positive individual. This day is counted as day zero. Assuming the first two parameters (above) are successfully achieved, the individual will be released from quarantine following completion of day 10. Normal activity may resume on day 11.

However, if the individual develops symptoms between days 10 and 14, the individual must self-isolate and be re-tested immediately.

Email with questions. Stay current with Millsaps’ COVID-19 information by visiting the college’s COVID-19 webpages. Looking for information on the COVID-19 vaccine? Visit the Mississippi State Department of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler.


The COVID-19 Response Committee

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