Dear Students:

In order to potentially reduce the community’s exposure to COVID-19 following holiday travel, all classes following the Thanksgiving holiday—including finals—will be held online. Please note: you will still be able to access campus following the Thanksgiving holiday as usual, including regular use of the residence halls, the dining hall and other on-campus facilities. However, there will be no in-person classroom instruction during this time, only online instruction. Your choice to return to campus for online instruction versus to remain at home after the Thanksgiving holiday is entirely at your discretion if you feel it may minimize your exposure to others who may have traveled to highly populated areas. Room and board refunds will not be made if you decide to stay home following the Thanksgiving holiday.

The academic calendar, therefore, has been adjusted to make this possible to maximize the number of in-person instruction days and to allow for at least one mid-week reading day. Adjustments include holding classes on Labor Day (Monday, September 7) and on what was originally fall break (Friday, October 9) as well as holding classes on Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24 of Thanksgiving week. Finals will be as planned (the week of December 10) and will be only offered online. The college will close for the Christmas holiday Friday, December 18. An updated calendar will be posted next week.

Many thanks,

Dean Demi Brown
Dean of Students

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