(Effective February 2021; rev. April 2021; rev. July 2021)

All Millsaps Guests: All guests to the college’s campus must follow established COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, including self-monitoring of symptoms and only coming to campus if symptom-free. All guests must adhere to guidelines for appropriate social distancing and hygiene/handwashing and wear masks/neck gaiters indoors at all times except when eating. Face masks are no longer required outdoors on campus as long as individuals are able to maintain proper social distance.

The following represent additional guidelines specific to the college’s primary audiences and/or needs. None of the guidelines below negate the need to follow the rules as stated above:

Academic Guests: Academic departments with student-centered events that rise to the level of a capstone/academic project or similar may host an indoor on campus event wherein the student presents his/her academic product to students, faculty and staff. Participating students may also invite up to two outside guests of his/her choice to attend the event as long as all COVID-19 requirements, including social distancing, are met and maintained. Academic events should be coordinated through the Office of Conference Services to ensure COVID-19 requirement compliance.

Athletics: The Department of Athletics will host visiting teams and officials on campus as Division III competition requires. The Millsaps College Athletics COVID-19 Action Team and the Campus COVID Team manage all aspects related to the health, safety and wellness of student-athletes, coaches and staff members including during athletic activities, team gatherings, practices, conditioning and competition.

Attendance at the college’s athletic events is governed by the Southern Athletics Association (SAA). Details related to the current SAA policy are available here.

Camps and Conference Events: Camps and conferences are permitted on campus beginning May 15 through August 7, 2021, if approved by the Office of Conference Services. All camps and conference events must comply with all COVID-19 conditions and restrictions. All registered camps and conferences will be required to provide a list of all attendees, including invited event speakers or facilitators, to eventscheduling@millsaps.edu  at least ten days before event begins. Camp/conference organizers must provide all attendees with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to use during their duration on campus. Camps and conference events may be held in the Recital Hall (maximum of 40 individuals), Academic Complex 215 (maximum of 24 individuals), Yates Chapel (maximum of 40 individuals), McRae Christian Center 122 (maximum of 49 individuals), McRae Christian Center 120 (maximum of 31 individuals) and McRae Christian Center 002 (maximum of 20 individuals). Athletic events may be held, with approval, in the Hall Activities Center (no guests of campers allowed). Housing and residential living spaces may include Ezelle, Susanna Hall, New South Hall, John Hall and Sanderson. Guests utilizing residential living space must follow the college’s COVID-19 residential guidance, which may be found here.

Residence Hall Guests: Outside guests are only permitted inside a Residence Hall for actions related to a personal emergency or moving.

Vendors and Individual Guests: Invited vendors and/or individuals visiting a Millsaps employee(s) for a necessary work-related purpose are permitted on campus. This includes food truck vendors assuming they are vetted by Millsaps staff members for appropriate COVID-19 protocols and procedures.

Questions? Email info@millsaps.edu