Millsaps College COVID-19 Campus Event, Visitor and Guest Policy

(Effective February 2021)

All Millsaps Guests: All guests to the college’s campus must follow established COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, including self-monitoring of symptoms and only coming to campus if symptom-free. All guests must adhere to guidelines for appropriate social distancing and hygiene/handwashing, and wear masks/neck gaiters at all times except when eating. Non-academic and/or non-athletic gatherings and group activities are currently limited to 10 people indoors and 50 people outdoors when social distancing is not possible, as ordered by the Governor (Executive Order 1535). In accordance with that Executive Order, Millsaps College requires that individuals attending non-academic and/or non-athletic gatherings or group activities maintain a minimum of six feet of social distance from one another.

The following represent additional guidelines specific to the college’s primary audiences and/or needs. None of the guidelines below negate the need to follow the rules as stated above:

Admission Guests: The Office of Admissions currently offers virtual and in-person visit opportunities for potential students and their families. Visits are by appointment only. Visitors must be able to attest that they have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms, are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test or have been exposed to anyone with the virus within the 24 hours prior to the visit. However, visitors who are members of the same household (i.e. potential students and their parents) can choose to not socially distance from each other, if that is their personal preference.

Athletic Guests: The Department of Athletics will host visiting teams and officials on campus as Division III competition requires. The Millsaps College Athletics COVID-19 Action Team and the Campus COVID Team manage all aspects related to the health, safety and wellness of student-athletes, coaches and staff members including during athletic activities, team gatherings, practices, conditioning and competition.

Attendance at the college’s athletic events is governed by the Southern Athletics Association (SAA). Details related to the current SAA policy are available here.

Campus Events: Events are only permitted on campus if they are geared toward Millsaps-only individuals (students, faculty and/or staff); support Millsaps students’ academic and/or social pursuits; and are approved by the appropriate campus staff. Event speakers and/or facilitators may be invited as necessary. Non-academic and/or non-athletic indoor campus events with more than 10 individuals may be held in AC 215 (maximum of 24 individuals); MCC122 Lecture Hall (maximum of 49 individuals); MH200 (maximum of 25 individuals) and OH100 (maximum of 27 individuals) with the approval of the Office of Student Life and in conjunction with the Office of Event Services.

Vendors and Individual Guests: Invited vendors and/or individuals visiting a Millsaps employee(s) for a necessary work-related purpose are permitted on campus. This includes food truck vendors assuming they are vetted by Millsaps staff members for appropriate COVID-19 protocols and procedures.

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