Susan W. Taylor

Susan W. Taylor

Professor of Economics, Richard and Selby McRae Chair of Business Administration


BA, BS, Blue Mountain College; MS, PhD, Louisiana State University

“My goal in teaching economics is to help economic decision-making to become second nature for our students. After all, at its heart, economics is about making choices. We make choices every day…how much should I spend on movies? Should I go to graduate school after my undergraduate years at Millsaps? Business and government makes choices. How much health care services should be produced and what determines how it’s allocated? Should the state government spend more on infrastructure? Economics provides a framework for making those decisions, comparing the additional costs of a choice to the additional benefits.

“While there is economic theory in my classroom, there’s an equal dose of “real world” interaction. How does the Federal Reserve make choices about monetary policy? In my Intermediate Macroeconomics course, students think through these choices by participating in a semester long project culminating in a simulation of a Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Students learn through doing.

“Economics extends beyond the Millsaps classroom. Our faculty take Millsaps students to see “economics in action”…meeting with pricing analysts at The Home Depot Corporate, at The Southern Company and Delta Air Lines, They meet with leaders in the banking industry at the American Bankers Association. And, yes, our Millsaps students have the opportunity to meet with the members of the Federal Reserve Governors whose policy they have simulated in class. ”

Dr. Susan Taylor is Professor of Economics at Millsaps College. Her primary teaching interests include Macroeconomics, International Economics, and Health Economics. She is an active scholar, having published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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