Zachary A. Musselman

Zachary A. Musselman

Associate Professor of Geology


BS, Bloomsburg University; MS, Texas Christian University; PhD, University of Kentucky

Zach joined the Geology Department at Millsaps College in 2007. He teaches Geosystems, Plate Tectonics and Earth History, Sedimentary Geology, Processes Geomorphology and the Junior/Senior Geology Seminar. His field courses include The Greater Yellowstone Geoecosystem, Earthquakes and Volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest, Folded Rocks – Crossing the Appalachia, and the Department’s capstone field experience in southwest Montana.

Zach joined the Millsaps faculty because he is committed to engaging undergraduate students in research and sharing the learning process in the field. Research and teaching within the field are crucial components to understanding most aspects of the earth system. Learning and studying volcanoes becomes more interactive when you are standing on a hotspot in Yellowstone or looking at the flank collapse of Mt. St. Helens. Placing the enormous amount of energy glaciers have in context is much more appreciated when you are looking out over a U-shaped valley from the lateral moraine of Nisqually Glacier on the snowcapped side of Mt. Rainier. It is these sensational experiences that make the earth sciences exciting, and what Zach appreciates the most about engaging his students.

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