Professor of Psychology

BS, Georgia Southern University; MS, PhD, Florida State University

Having the opportunity to work in a department that emphasizes both Psychology and Neuroscience has been a perfect match for me. Even though my primary research focus is on physiological factor of eating and weight loss, I am intrigued by all aspects of behavior. Notably, the connection between our brain and our behavior is fascinating and it seems we have an endless supply of topics to cover and uncover.

Most of my classes focus on measurable human behaviors and the underlying brain areas that regulate and modify such behaviors. By looking at both the neural substrates as well as accompanying overt behavior, students can make the direct connection between what they do and how the brain is controlling it all. However, I also offer classes where factors underlying our behavior is quite elusive…the most popular of such courses include Fear and Terrorism and Serial Killers.

Given that our majors tend to have a variety of interests, it is not surprising that they end up in numerous professions (physicians, clinical psychologists, physical therapists, neuroscientists, counselors, occupational therapists, physicians’ assistants, nurses, etc.). Having an understanding of how the body and brain work together is an integral part of their education here at Millsaps and is one of the reasons our alumni are so successful in their chosen careers.