Associate Professor of Sociology

BA, Honan Teacher's University, China; MA, PhD, State University of New York–Stony Brook

I am a sociologist who has been teaching at Millsaps College for 24 years. I teach Introduction to Sociology; Class, Gender, and Race; Urban Life; Globalization and Immigration; Classical Social and Culture Theory; Senior Seminar in Sociology; Freshman Seminar; and several other electives in sociology.

“Sociology was founded by Auguste Comte, who believed the purpose of science was “to know in order to predict and to predict in order to control.” By studying sociology, I hope my students will know the social world and use such knowledge to build a successful career as well as a meaning life.

“My research involves marriage and the family, gender, education, employment, and labor migration in China. My research articles and book reviewers have appeared in numerous academic journals."