Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

BA, University of California-Irvine; MA, PhD, The Ohio State University

Sabrina Grondhuis came to Millsaps College in fall 2013. Dr. Grondhuis brings a developmental approach to the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience where she teaches a variety of courses including Introduction to Psychology, Child Development, Adulthood & Aging, and Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. She is committed to the ideals of a liberal arts education by taking psychology out of the classroom and helping her students incorporate concepts into everyday situations.

Dr. Grondhuis’ own research focuses on children with developmental disabilities, specifically autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Her training, a hybrid of clinical and developmental psychology, allows her to investigate abnormal development from the perspective of deviations from what is considered neurotypical (developmental psychology), and then look at how those deviations impact psychological functioning (clinical psychology). Her publications mainly focus on how intelligence is conceptualized and measured in persons with ASD and how children with ASD experience comorbid (or co-occurring) psychopathology such as anxiety or obesity.

Dr. Grondhuis has a Developmental Lab for students interested in pursuing their own research. Each year they travel to regional or national conferences to present their original findings. Recent student projects have included mobile phone connections to psychopathology, gender’s role in echoic memory, perceptions of body image, and people with disabilities.