Yang Wang

Associate Professor of Mathematics


BS, MS, South China Normal University; MS, National University of Singapore; PhD, University of Alabama in Huntsville

I teach Mathematics and Computer Science courses at Millsaps College. These courses are objective and useful, I just love teaching them! Carl Friedrich Gauss once said, “Mathematics is the queen of the sciences”. I completely agree with him! My happiest moments are when students who thought they could not understand mathematics inform me that they “can do math” and that mathematics becomes less difficult after they take the class. As a teacher, I believe that students should solve problems in the way that they think is right and should be independent thinkers.

“My most recent research involves graph theory (a mathematical representation of relations on a given collection of elements). I am very proud to have co-authored two articles that were published in peer-reviewed journals with two math majors at Millsaps. One of these student authors won the First Place Award in the Student Paper Competition at the 88th annual meeting of the Mathematical Association of America Mississippi/Louisiana section in 2012.”