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The women and men of the Millsaps College faculty share a dedication – to their students and to their own learning. They are experts and contributors to their fields, pursuing and publishing research that adds to the sum of knowledge and often includes students. If undergraduates want to get involved, all they have to do is ask. Building trusting relationships that help students push their own limits and realize their untapped potential is just one of the reasons why our faculty are top educators. They are collaborators, working together to teach inter-disciplinary subjects so students can see connections and learn to approach questions from various perspectives. Our faculty are continually thinking about ways to teach more effectively and improve the learning environment at Millsaps. Above all, our faculty are present. From eating in the dining halls, inviting students into their homes, to cheering from the stands at sport events, no wonder our faculty ranked 12th nationally in the 2013 Princeton Review "Professors Get High Marks" category.

Take a few minutes to search for faculty by major or the alphabetical directory of faculty and get to know the men and women who make the Millsaps classrooms into learning experience that last a lifetime.

Please click here for information specific to individuals currently employed as faculty and staff at Millsaps.