Writers thrive in community. In recent years, Millsaps has awarded more than thirty Arts Scholarships to talented creative writers. If you want to join our community, we would love to see your work and get to know you.

Contact: Michael Pickard.

Deadline for submitting ALL application materials: February 14, 2022.

In addition to reading applications materials (see below), our Creative Writing faculty will interview each Arts Scholarship applicant. Once you submit your materials, interviews will be scheduled on Monday afternoon, February 21, 2022. Interview slots are first come, first served.

Creative Writing Application Materials

  • a writing sample of no more than ten pages in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or a combination of these genres;
  • a cover letter (1 to 2 typed pages) in which you discuss the following:
    • any introduction or context you think we will need to appreciate your sample;
    • a short description of your background in Creative Writing, including any classes or workshops you have taken, any relevant extracurricular or summer activities, and any publications or relevant leadership experience;
    • a brief discussion of the one work in your sample that you consider to be your best and why you think so;
    • a concise statement of what you hope to accomplish during your time at Millsaps;
  • a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers.

Requirements for Arts Scholarship in Creative Writing

To ensure annual renewal of your Arts Scholarship in Creative Writing, you must adhere to the general scholarship requirements outlined in your acceptance letter. In addition, the Distinguished Merit in Creative Writing scholarship requires that you:

  1. complete at least one four-hour course in the Department of English per academic year;
  2. attend at least one Visiting Writer Series or departmental talk each semester, if possible;
  3. submit work to the student-led Stylus publication each year;
  4. maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in your English courses;
  5. demonstrate a positive collegial attitude at all times.