We offer a variety of means to ensure your family can afford your Millsaps experience. Click on each link below to learn more.


We provide a variety of scholarships to meet the financial need of Millsaps students. Whether you’re an international, transfer or new student, we have something for you!


Many Millsaps students qualify for federal and state grants, which are gift-based aid based on financial need. See what you may qualify for!


Student loans are long-term, low-interest loans that can be borrowed to cover educational expenses and must be paid back with interest. Many of our students turn to student loans after all other aid options have been exhausted. See what options you have!

Student Employment

We offer a variety of student employment options to meet the indirect costs of attendance. As an added bonus, many student workers build valuable connections for their future while helping their communities! See what work you can do at Millsaps.

Military Aid Programs

U.S. service members and their families able to afford a Millsaps experience thank to a variety of programs. See how your service can get you to Millsaps.