Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Data AnalyticsThe Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics provides foundational knowledge in data analytics. The program is intended for students currently enrolled in the graduate programs at Millsaps College, students enrolled in graduate programs elsewhere, and working professionals seeking to advance their knowledge. Course credits earned are transferable to master's degree programs offered in the Else School of Management. Statistics with regression is a prerequisite for these courses.

Tuition is based on graduate credit hours. Significant scholarships are available, and many employers will cover some or all of the cost.

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This course focuses on the use of analytical and statistical tools for decision-making and applies these tools in the area of business intelligence. Topics include data collection, descriptive statistics, ANOVA, and communicating quantitative thinking.

Computational Statistics Using R*

This course emphasizes the practical application of knowledge and skills that will enable an analyst to conduct rigorous and statistically sound multivariate analyses. Covers multiple regression, logistic regression, exploratory factor analysis, structural equation modeling, path analysis, and confirmatory analysis.

Collecting and Analyzing Data Using R*

This course emphasizes the practical application of knowledge and skills that will enable a data analyst to collect data from multiple sources, import and clean data, and efficiently analyze the data.

Data Visualization Using Tableau**

This course helps the data analyst design compelling visuals that convert raw data into data visualizations that go beyond the use of spreadsheets and tables.

*R is a programming language and free software environment (i.e., open source) for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis.

** Tableau is a data visualization software used for data science and business intelligence in representing data graphically. Tableau can create a wide range of different visualizations to interactively present data and showcase insights.