Louis Wilson Fund

Millsaps College’s General Louis Wilson Fund

  • Evaluate Millsaps’ holdings, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Fastenal and Polaris, to name a few.
  • Review the industry and each stocks’ competitors.
  • Learn how to run models using software packages developed for investment firms.
  • Then YOU propose to the board if Millsaps should buy, hold or sell.

“If you like researching the stock market or want to learn more about what goes into it, the Student Managed Fund I and II courses are extremely beneficial. I have gained knowledge of stock lingo during these courses and highly recommend enrolling because of the experience gained from the competition and individual analysis.”
— Kale Baylot, MBA 2020

“Participating in the Louis Wilson Fund courses allowed me to apply the skills I had learned in the portfolio management course. I researched and analyzed several of Millsaps’ holdings, which refined my skills and provided me the confidence to determine which companies were best to invest. I look forward to earning by CFA designation and one day opening my own investment firm.”
— Gabriel Ryce, MBA 2021

Millsaps Is a CFA Institute University Affiliated Program

CFA affiliated program positions students to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, which is the most respected and recognized investment
credential in the world. Students who enroll in the Student Managed Funds I and II can participate in the CFA Ethics Challenge and CFA Research
Challenge and compete with other students around the globe! The 2019 Millsaps College team won first place in regionals and competed in the national
competition in New York. Scholarships are available for the Level 1 CFA exam.

MBA with a Finance Concentration

The Millsaps MBA provides students with a comprehensive and advanced management curriculum and managerial skills needed to assume leadership
positions in organizations that compete in a dynamic, global environment. Earning a concentration in finance will provide the skills students need to go
into corporate finance or financial services industries. Students will choose three courses to earn a concentration.

  • FINC 662 Financial Management: A case approach to the study of financial management decisions and the factors influencing those decisions.
  • FINC 666 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management: A course that examines domestic and international securities markets. Topics include
    characteristics of financial assets, valuation of securities, derivative securities, capital market theory and portfolio management.
  • FINC 667 & 668 Student Managed Fund I and II: These two courses focus on the leadership and practice of portfolio management, specifically
    the management of the General Louis Wilson Fund. Provides an opportunity to invest Millsaps College’s endowment funds by utilizing economic,
    industry and company analysis in security valuations models.

Christine Rials, M.A.
Director of Graduate Admissions | Else School of Management
Millsaps College | Murrah Hall 114-A
601-974-1256 | christine.rials@millsaps.edu


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