MAcc Requirements

All program requirements are to be completed within a six-year period, unless an extension is granted by the Else School MAcc Council. Students attending full time will generally complete this program in 12 months. Students attending part time will generally complete the program in 24 months. Graduation requirements for the MAcc degree are as follows:

  1. Completion or waiver of the prerequisites for the MAcc.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 30 hours in advanced course work (600 level) to include the required accounting core and accounting elective courses.
  3. Cumulative grade point average of B- or higher in graduate level course work.

Master of Accountancy Requirements

Students must have completed the following prerequisites:

  • ACCT 581 Intermediate Financial Accounting I (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 582 Intermediate Financial Accounting II (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 583 Auditing I (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 584 Federal Taxation of Income (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 585 Advanced Financial Accounting (B- or higher)
  • Students must also have completed an undergraduate course in Statistics with Regression
  • Students must also have completed an undergraduate course in College Algebra

Students must complete the following required Accounting core courses:

  • ACCT 673 Advanced Auditing (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 681 Advanced Managerial Accounting (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 675 Accounting Theory (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 642 Advanced Taxation (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 620 Advanced Financial Accounting (waived if taken at the undergraduate level) (B- or higher)

Students must complete 12 credit hours, 4 courses, in electives from the Else School. Choose from the following electives below or any other 600-level course:

  • ACCT 641 Accounting Information Systems (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 651 Accounting Residency (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 652 Accounting Residency II (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 660 Public Accountancy Problems
  • ACCT 677 Tax Planning Research (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 678 Seminar in Valuation (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 679 Financial Statement Analysis (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 682 Fraud Examination (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 683 Ethics in Accounting (B- or higher)
  • ACCT 696 Federal Estate and Gift Taxation (B- or higher)
  • FINC 662 Financial Management (B- or higher)
  • FINC 666 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (B- or higher)
  • EACC 600 Study Abroad Topics in Accounting (B- or higher)
  • EECN 600 Study Abroad Topics in Economics (B- or higher)
  • EFIN 600 Study Abroad Topics in Finance (B- or higher)
  • EMAR 600 Study Abroad Topics in Marketing (B- or higher)
  • EMGT 600 Study Abroad Topics in Management (B- or higher)
  • EMIS 600 Study Abroad Topics in Management Information Systems (B- or higher)
  • EPOL 600 Study Abroad Topics in Business (B- or higher)
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