Bobashela is the Millsaps College Yearbook.

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Use Millsaps College Yearbook ID Passcode: 1014951246702062

The Bobashela gives an annual comprehensive view of campus life. Bobashela is a Choctaw word for “good friend.” Since 1905, the yearbook staff has recorded the triumphs, laughter, learning, and, above all, the people of Millsaps enabling us to look back and remember the people we knew – the classmates, teachers, administrators, staff and friends. The Bobashela preserves the lives of the people at Millsaps College and acknowledges and celebrates their accomplishments!

“The yearbook is a priceless gift of remembrance meant to honor the people within its pages!” – Rachel Long, B.A.

To view previously published editions, please visit the Millsaps-Wilson Library archives page for the Bobashela.

To order a yearbook for years prior to 2018, contact