Couple Gives $150,000 for Campus Initiatives

A passion for Millsaps and its future led an anonymous couple to recently donate $150,000 for several important campus projects and initiatives. A total of $100,000 will be divided evenly to support construction of the new Windgate Visual Arts Center and the transformative restoration of the Christian Center. Accessibility improvements for individuals with physical challenges will be supported through a $30,000 designation, and the remaining $20,000 will support the Millsaps Annual Fund.

The capital project donations were motivated, according to the couple, by the importance of the Visual Arts Center and the Christian Center for the advancement of Millsaps’ arts and humanities programs as well as the programs and services of the Chaplaincy. They are also pleased, in their words, “to see the transformative impact these projects will have for students today on part of the campus that past generations of students remember as the front door of the College.”

Along with enhancing the beauty of campus, the couple also believe it’s important to ensure that campus grounds and facilities are accessible and hospitable to all. They commended recent improvements at Millsaps along these lines while urging continued efforts to provide safe and accessible conditions.

According to Hope Carter, vice president for Institutional Advancement, “In addition to our friends’ generous support of capital projects, they also understand the importance of the Millsaps Annual Fund. To that end, we are grateful that they doubled their annual fund gift this year and pledged to do the same in the year ahead.”

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