Millsaps College Recognized Again with Halbrook Award

Millsaps College has been honored as a recipient with the Halbrook Award in their Independent College and University Division. According to a release from Mississippi Public Universities, the award recognize “colleges and universities that achieve and maintain high academic standards for student athletes, thus encouraging high graduation rates.”

This marks the 17th time Millsaps has earned the award since 1995.

The Halbrook Awards also recognize high academic achievement among student-athletes. This year’s recipients for Millsaps were Brandon Beck and Payton Passantino, both of whom graduated in spring 2020.

“I’m proud of our student-athletes who work so hard in the classroom and on their teams,” said Aaron Pelch, athletic director at Millsaps. “We demand a lot from them, and they know that when they come to campus. From day one, they are aware of the reputation that’s been built by student-athletes who came before them and the expectation that they’ll keep that reputation strong.”

The Halbrook Award was established by the Mississippi Legislature in 1984.

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