University of Mississippi Partners with Millsaps on New Dual-Degree Program

Millsaps College continues to strengthen its partnerships with state institutions and offer students new opportunities for dual degree programs.

A new partnership signed with the University of Mississippi (UM) sets up a 10-semester academic plan that provides students with the opportunity to earn bachelor’s degrees from both institutions after completing six semesters at Millsaps and four at the University of Mississippi.

The new dual-degree opportunities include a bachelor’s in geophysics (Millsaps) and a bachelor’s in geological engineering (UM); a bachelor’s in chemistry (Millsaps) and a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering (UM); and a bachelor’s in applied mathematics (Millsaps) and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (UM).

“Strong academic partnerships, such as this one between Millsaps and the University of Mississippi, are a critical component in offering the best education possible,” said Dr. Keith Dunn, provost and dean of Millsaps College. “Students completing these degree programs will be immediately marketable for employment and poised for long-term career success.”

The agreement between the two schools blends critical areas of study, combining the scope of the liberal arts and the precision of engineering.

Dr. Emlee Nicholson, director of the pre-engineering program at Millsaps, wanted Millsaps students to have high quality in-state options to increase participation in the program and hopefully, make the goal of becoming an engineer more attainable for students.

“We saw more Millsaps students expressing an interest in engineering, and we wanted to explore opportunities to support that interest,” Nicholson said. “The addition of in-state options to our pre-engineering program will better serve the needs of our students and create more engineers who will stay in Mississippi.”

Under the agreement, students will pay tuition at the respective schools as they attend them. Both schools offer generous scholarship opportunities.

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