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Lewis Art Gallery


Lewis Art Gallery, Millsaps College

Gallery hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm
The Lewis Art Gallery is located on the third floor of the Academic Complex at Millsaps College. The Gallery's "Emerging Space" exhibits new media, film and installation works by artists exploring the limits of their mediums.

All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.
Gallery Director: Matthew Holl mholl45@gmail.com
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Fall 2015

All events taking place in the Lewis Art Gallery unless otherwise noted.

Faculty Exhibition featuring Sandra Murchison & Kristen Tordella-Williams
August 24 - October 7
September 18: Open House for Family Weekend from 3:00 - 5:00pm, with Gallery Talks taking place from 3:30 - 5:00pm.   

Sandra Murchison will be presenting works from The Delta Blues Remain, which is a series of prints and mixed-media pieces featuring information from the Mississippi Blues Trail historical markers located in the Delta Region.  Many of the works that will be on display in our gallery began while Sandra was a visiting artist at Alfred University (in Alfred, New York) this past year and incorporate a wide variety of techniques and processes, such as encaustic painting, laser engraving, collage and printmaking.  For more information, please feel free to visit Sandra's website: http://www.sandramurchison.com

Kristen Tordella-Williams will be presenting Knot Work, a series of sculptures that employ the use of weaving yarn, embroidery, and knotting through handmade paper, wood, and mixed media. In this series, she focuses on the manipulations of thread, bound images, varied patterns, and processes that reflect the meditation of repetitive action. For more information, please feel free to visit Kristen's website: http://cargocollective.com/kristentordellawilliams

Suzanne Glémot in The Emerging Space
October 12 – November 11
November 6: Gallery Talk at 2:00pm

A Place Understood is a series of photographs, taken across the world and at different points in the last three years, through which the artist explores the role of captured physical spaces as they inform (or fail to inform) the viewer on the identity of a particular place.

ArtShape Mammoth
October 16 – November 12
October 16: Gallery Talk at 2:30pm

ArtShape Mammoth is proud to present Uncharted, curated by Amy Joy Hosterman and Margaret Coleman.  Uncharted is an eight person exhibition featuring the work of Ann Barlow, Anne Beck, Margaret Coleman, Justine Johnson, James Lentz, Emily Lindskoog, Maureen O'Leary, and Julie Ward.  The show explores the mapping and documentation of liminal spaces and time. These in-between moments, often overlooked, are periods of waiting, places that reflect a void, a boundary between spaces. Our artists work with these in-between spaces and times, each interpreting them differently, sometimes to symbolize a time before a transformation, to study unseen instances and become aware of subtle realizations, to record the cartography of nothingness, or to map the minute points where one thing becomes another. 

Aluminum Pour 1:00 - 3:00pm (@ Purple Word, 160 McTyere St.)
October 17

Watch. Learn. Carve.

ArtShape Mammoth’s traveling foundry promotes accessibility in the arts by bringing the foundry process out in the open and allowing the community a hands-on experience. Professional ASM artists and our workshop participants construct a temporary aluminum foundry to facilitate the casting of low relief sculpture.  We recycle aluminum and pour 14 pounds of melted metal at a time. Millsaps students will be learning basic mold making skills using resin bonded sand, and will have the opportunity to cast their sculptures during a one day metal casting workshop this October.

Margaret Haden - Variegated
November 16 – December 18
Gallery Talk: TBD

Functional and decorative ceramics.  


Spring 2015

January 12th – February 20th
National Juried Book Arts Show co-sponsored by Purple Word Center for Book & Paper Arts– Come investigate the book as an art form in this collection of works by 20 different artists from around the country.   

Bookends Best of Show Artist Talk
Friday, January 23rd, 2pm
Nicole Pietrantoni, Best of Show - Join the Bookends Best of Show winner Nicole Pietrantoni as she talks about her work and her process as an artist.

Millsaps Student Exhibition
March 4th – April 8th
This juried show represents crème de la crème of our own Millsaps students’ artwork, giving you an opportunity to see their incredible creative achievements.

Millsaps Student Exhibition Gallery Talk
March 6th, 2pm 
Listen to local artist Jerrod Partridge as he discusses the process of selecting works for the Student Exhibition and the selection of Best of Show. <>

Senior Show
April 17th – May 9th
Join us in celebrating the culminating event of our Senior Art students Kati Trautschz and Brittnei Earl as they exhibit their thesis work.

Senior Gallery Talks in Lewis Art Gallery
April 17th, 2pm
Join our Senior Art Students as they discuss their work and their journey to this exhibition.

If you have any questions about the Lewis Art Gallery schedule this spring, please forward them to our Gallery Director Matthew Holl at mholl45@gmail.com