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Office of Student Life

College policy stipulates freshmen and sophomore students, unless they are married or live with members of their immediate family in the Jackson area, are required to live in the residence halls.

We look forward to working with and learning from you during this academic year.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (601) 974-1200 or

Priority deadline for freshmen is Friday, June 17.


Student Information


Last  First:  Middle:

Do you plan to live on campus?
Yes No (If no, do not complete the remainder of this form.)

Birth date: (mm/dd/yyyy)    Age:

Sex: Female Male Transgender

Residence Life provides equal on-campus housing opportunities without regard to race, color, religious affiliation, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or age.

If you identify as a transgender or transsexual student who has specific housing needs, please contact Patrick Cooper, the Assistant Dean of Students for Residence Life, or Zeke Bandy, the Residence Life Coordinator. Residence Life recognizes and respects the gender identity that students have established with the department and addresses inquiries on a case-by-case basis.

Marital Status: Single Married

Classification: (Please mark all that apply)
Freshman   Transfer   Sophomore Junior   Senior  
ISEP/International Exchange Student

Nickname/Preferred Name:

High School / College Previously Attended:

Home Phone: (Please provide the area code)

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Home Address:
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Family Information

Father's Name:

Father's Occupation:

Father's Address:
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Father's Home Phone: (Please provide the area code)

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Mother's Name:

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Mother's Address:
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Mother's Cell Phone: (Please provide the area code)

In case of emergency, notify:  Phone:

Names and ages of brothers:

Names and ages of sisters:


High School Information

High School attended:  Approximate GPA:

List the activities in which you were involved in high school and any community activities in which you participated:


Millsaps College Information

Activities in which you plan to participate (i.e. newspaper, yearbook, student government, Greek Life, civic engagement, athletics, Mock Trial, PRIDE, Millsaps Masala, Programs and Activities Council, Millsaps Christian Fellowship, etc.):

Major field of academic interest:

Religious preference:

Physical disabilities, allergies (food, insect, drug), or other medical concerns (if any):


Housing Preferences

My on-campus housing will begin (please select one):
Fall   Spring   Summer   Year:


The following information is of great importance. Please elaborate thoroughly and be specific as this information will be used in making room assignments and roommate selections.

I am a: Smoker  Non-Smoker

I go to bed: Early (before midnight)   Late (after midnight)

I: study to noise (music, TV) do not study to noise sometimes study to noise



Please rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 on how neat you are:

1 2 3 4 5


Please rank your time management skills using the phrases and scale below:

I approach life
as it comes.
I am highly organized,
keep a schedule, and
I like to set and
accomplish goals.
1 2 3 4 5


List and describe your personality characteristics (i.e. introverted, extroverted, conscientious, reliable, cooperative, personable, respectful, communicative, responsible, patient, etc.) and interests (i.e. athletics, academics, internships, clubs/organizations, civic engagement, Anime, hunting, music, Bible study, etc.):


Roommate Assignment

I would prefer my roommate:
Please select one option from each row.

not smoke smoke unimportant
go to bed early go to bed late unimportant
not study to noise study to noise unimportant
use the room to study use the room for socializing unimportant
be from Mississippi be from another state unimportant
be an athlete be a non-athlete unimportant
be neat be messy unimportant


List any preferences or personality characteristics that you are looking for in a roommate (e.g., someone who does not listen to country music or someone who has different interests that the ones listed above):


Roommate Requested (if any):
The person you request must also identify you as their preference on their Housing Application. Requests made after Friday, June 17 may not be considered.


Building Assignment

Goodman Hall, New South Hall, Sanderson Hall, John Hall, Susanna Hall, and Charles Hall are upper-class buildings.  Bacot Hall (women and possibly a limited number of men) and Ezelle Hall (men) are available for first year students. Take a closer look at the residence halls. 

The Wellspring program is a service based living-learning community for first year residents and those selected to participatein the program will be housed in Bacot Hall or possibly New South Hall.  A supplemental application must be completed and submitted to be considered for the Wellspring program.

Please identify your building preference(s) below. You may select up to three options. Click on each building name to find out more. Please note that we cannot guarantee any building assignments since they are made based upon available space.

Bacot Ezelle Goodman New South Sanderson
  John Susanna Charles  



Roommate Matching and Housing Assignments

We are excited you have chosen to attend Millsaps College! You are ready to embark upon a journey that should lead to many rewarding experiences. The Office of Student Life takes seriously the responsibility of helping students pursue those experiences. Among our initial attempts to provide such assistance is our work to help you adjust to college and to Millsaps. An important component of this adjustment is your housing experience.

We feel our first obligation is to provide you with information necessary for making good decisions. This is the purpose of this packet. All assignments are based on information provided by the students. The integrity and thoughtfulness of your responses are the major component of the roommate matching and roommate assignment process. It is for this reason that we ask you (not your parents) to spend some time reflecting on the responses you provide.

Below we have provided a few sample descriptions from past preference sheets. They are intended to provide you with ideas of the issues that may be important in describing yourself and your "ideal" roommate.


List and describe your personality characteristics:

  1. strong student; study before play but enjoy both;
  2. strong evangelical Christian; Republican/Conservative;
  3. non-drinker;
  4. enjoy the arts, social work, and animals;
  5. strong family ties;

I like my room to be neat, as well as my clothes (closet) and make-up area. I do have a desire to do well in my studies, so I don’t want a roommate that will make fun of my studiousness. I also like to stay busy and out of my room (unless studying)

Friendly; sometimes quiet; like almost any music (except country); like company but sometimes like to be alone; somewhat neat, but can't promise that my part of the room will always be immaculate (it will be casual)

Friendly, outgoing talkative, athletic, like to enjoy life to the fullest

Other preferences or personality characteristics which would be helpful in making your roommate assignment:

I would like for my roommate to have a desire to keep the room as neat and organized as possible. Also, I think that if I were paired with another person not from the Jackson area, we could both learn to adapt at the same pace,

I would like a roommate with similar characteristics to my own. I'm really picky about having other people in my room, besides that I'm pretty easy-going.

I plan on experiencing college. I would like a roommate that will also like to get out and try different things.


Please remember that in the residence halls, and possibly later in life, you do not just have a roommate, you are a roommate. For many, sharing a room is a new or different experience. Your roommate can be someone to share opinions, feelings, interests, and good times. However, sharing a room can sometimes result in a few problems or misunderstandings. Individuals who usually get along well have spent time working at it. The work of building a good roommate relationship includes open and honest communication.

Additionally, you need to remember that people's habits change as they move into new environments. The person who might have lived under an early to bed, early to rise philosophy in high school may change that habit in college. Whenever this situation arises, it is best to work with your roommate and your Resident Assistant (RA) to find common ground.


Housing Contract

Please read the Millsaps Housing Contract and check the box below to indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the guidelines and policies outlined. This checkbox is required before the form can be submitted.

I have read and agree to abide by the terms of the 2016- 17 Millsaps Housing Contract and other Residence Life policies listed in Major Facts. I understand that assignments are made without regard to age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or national origin and that once housing assignments are made, changes will not be considered until after the second week of school and must be approved by the Office of Residence Life.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at (601) 974-1200.

Meal Plan

A meal plan is required for all students living on campus. Please read about the options, and select the plan you wish to have for the upcoming semester.

Meal Plan 17  Meal Plan 19  All-Access Meal Plan 





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