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Basic Information



Making an Appointment
Counseling appointments can be made by telephoning 601-974-1206 to schedule an appointment. You may also drop by the Office of Student Life in person to schedule an appointment. Appointments usually last about an hour but may be scheduled for 30 minutes also.

All counseling is offered free of charge, but students are expected to notify the Counseling Services in a timely fashion when they are unable to attend counseling sessions.


To further enhance the degree of trust within the counseling relationship, it is important for all current or potential counseling clients to understand that what they share will be held in confidence. Information shared in counseling sessions will only be shared with someone else under the following circumstances:

  • If the client voluntarily fills out a release of information form specifying exactly to whom specific information can be released and signs it
  • If Counseling Services believes, as a result of information shared, that the client is in imminent danger of doing harm to him/herself or others or is in imminent danger him/herself
  • If Counseling Services believes, as a result of information shared, that abuse of a minor child is presently occurring, she is required by law to report such a situation to the State Department of Human Resources or a similar agency in another State
  • In the highly unlikely case that a court subpoenas the counselor's records related to a client involved in a legal case, the counselor might be legally required to surrender them. (The counselor has never been required to do so, but it is a possibility which does exist.)