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Resident Assistants


Apply to be a Residence Assistant for 2015-2016!!

Pick up a physical copy of the application and turn it in to Zeke Bandy or Patrick Cooper in the Office of Student Life (third floor of the Campbell College Center) by Tuesday, December 9, 2014. 

You can also fill out the editable PDF version of the application, and send it to Zeke Bandy via email by December 9th. Click here to download the file, and save it as "(Your Name) RA Application."  Fill in all necessary blanks by double clicking in the provided text boxes. 

You will also need to have two references, which should be turned in to the Officer of Student Life by Tuesday, December 9, 2014 but can be submitted by the references themselves. 


Position Description

The Resident Assistant (RA) is one of 30+ student staff members who share responsibility for the Millsaps Residence Life program. These students work in the College's residence halls under the direct supervision of both the Resident Hall Director (RHD) and the Director of Residence Life. The primary role of the RA is to work with the other members of the residence life staff to facilitate an environment within the residence halls that promotes the educational experience of residential living. The RA articulates to the residents the philosophy and policies of the Office of Student Life and the College and, in turn, represents the needs of the students to the administration.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are members of the Student Life staff and serve as representatives of Millsaps College. In the living communities for which they have responsibilities, RAs serve as an important liaison between students and college staff members, through which college policies and objectives can be interpreted to students and the students' needs can, in turn, be communicated effectively back to the College. RAs should make an effort to be available to their floors/wings/cubes as much as possible throughout the day.


RA Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the opening and closing of residence halls at the beginning and end of each semester, as well as during vacation periods.
  • Greet and assist in the orientation of new and returning residents to residence hall life.
  • Keep bulletin boards up-to-date with important information and College/Residence Life policies
  • Know your residents and be available for them.
  • Create a community among the residents on your hall and within your building.
  • Assist in identifying and pinpointing maintenance and safety concerns in the residence halls.
  • Assist in the supervision of the residence hall during scheduled hours.
  • Enforce College policies.
  • Report and assist in the investigation of incidents of a disciplinary nature.
  • Are knowledgeable of campus services and the procedures for their use.
  • Work closely with the other RAs in your building.
  • Attend weekly RA meetings with the Director of Residence Life and a monthly hall meeting with your RHD.
  • Communicate regularly with the Director of Residence Life.
  • Encourage residents to discuss their concerns, and to the best of their abilities, counsel and advise them on said concerns.

Resident Assistants are students. Because of the dual role of being both a student and an employee, time management is essential component to maintaining sanity as well as balance in life. It is expected that much of the RA's campus time will be spent in the residence halls. Personal contact, outside that of a disciplinary nature, is the best way for a positive relationship to exist between the RA and the residents.


2014-2015 Residence Life Staff 

Residence Hall Resident Assistant Room Number
Bacot Hall Alana Nardini
  Alex Morphew
  Ben Dudley
  Daniel Kees
  Erika Coleman
  Graham Casey
  Mary Maxine Burks
  Sara Humbert (RHD)
  Sara Jo Ridgeway
  Signe Englert S28
Sanderson Hall Greyson Smothers
  Matt Wahl
  Samantha Perez (RHD)
  Sami Thomason
Ezelle Hall Benton Brown

Dustin Aubert

Evan Gist  225
  Johnathan Velten (RHD)
  Will Brewer

Zach Borne
New South Hall Mary Frances Ivey
  Michala Sullivan (RHD)

Paul Gomila
  Rajan Hanstad
  Sarah Hawthorne
Goodman House Dustin Garig (RHD)

Tiffany McArthur
John Hall Zak Thrasher
Susanna Hall Misa Pjevac
Charles Hall Merrit Corrigan
Kappa Sigma House Will Oakley 004
Pi Kappa Alpha House Taylor Morris 202