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Safe Space Allies

Safe Space Program


The following faculty, staff, students and friends of Millsaps College are Safe Space "Allies," available to talk openly and confidentially with anyone dealing with LGBTQ issues.

Kathie Adams, Coordinator of Records Office
Brittany Aucoin, College Senior
Diane Baker, Associate Professor of Management
Sarah Bares, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Director of Language Resource Center
Nicholas Betts, College Junior
Richard Boada, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Writing Center Coordinator
Teal Brechtel, College Senior, Resident Hall Director
Brooks Brower, Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Kim Burke, Professor of Accounting
Connie Campbell, Professor of Mathematics
Raymond Clothier, Associate Director of Millsaps' Faith and Work Initiative
Patrick Cooper, Director of Residence Life
Laura Cost, 1C1C Fellow
Sophie De Haan, College Junior, Foundations Leader
Chris Duck, College Sophomore
Chris Eden, Student Life Graduate Assistant
Ramon Figueroa, Associate Professor of Spanish
Harvey Fiser, Associate Professor of Business Law
Tory Fisher, Friend of the College
Kendall Gregory, College Junior
Abed Haddad, College Sophomore, Foundations Leader
Tiffany Hammond, Director of Events Scheduling
Amanda Hoak, College Senior
Patrick Hopkins, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Megan James, Director of Orientation and Student Activities
Martha Johnston, Administrative Assistant to Student Life
Harmon Kaur, College Sophomore
Brit Katz, Vice President and Dean of Students
Douglas Kennedy, College Junior, Foundations Leader
Laney Lenox, College Sophomore
Sandra Lowe, College Junior
Kathryn McDonald, College Senior
Rosemary McRae, Millsaps students' parent
Tonya Nations, Director of Career Center
Jalessa Perez, College Sophomore, Foundations Leader
Jami Pittman, College Senior
Olivia Reinecke, College Sophomore, Foundations Leader
Ginny Sanborn, College Junior, Foundations Leader
Olivia Shepard, College Junior
Jennifer Tompkins, Secretary and Program Assistant, Continuing Education
Josh Whitam, 1C1C Fellow
Sherryl Wilburn, Director of Multicultural Affairs, International Programs, and Study Abroad
Grace Williams, College Junior