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Senior Class Gift

Senior Year Experience


The Senior Class Gift is a personal token of appreciation donated by the senior class to the school, the gift is way to show our thanks to Millsaps for our college experiences and a lasting monument for the classes to come.

The class of 2012 aims to restore the Millsaps fountain to its original glory during their Senior Class Gift Campaign.  Chairperon Laura Domingue and co-chairs Dylan Broussard and Mary Elizabeth O'Leary, have proposed a restoration project that includes repainting and repairing the fountatin, as well as the addition of a crest to the columns. 

Class/Chairpersons Goal Raised Gift Given
Laura Domingue
Mary Elizabeth O'Leary
Dylan Broussard
$5,000  $6,515 Plaza Fountain Restoration
Jessica Eastin
Bolton Kirchner
$3,000 $5,934 Whitworth Patio Renovation
Amanda Cain
Cree Cantrell
$2,000 $3,369 Outdoor Classroom for South Campus
Brittany Hickman
$2,500 $2,800 Cast metal College Crest on the Bowl Stage
Ashley McPhail
Ashley Wilbourn
$3,200 $4,364 Right Field Deck for Baseball Stadium
Kate Jacobson
$2,600 $3,225 Two custom-designed benches
Paige Henderson Biglane
$2,000 $3,200 Stained-glass Fortenberry Window and frame
Ricky James
Julia Mitchell (co-chair)
$1,500 $1,762 Flag pole, base, flag and plants