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Student News Submission Guidelines


Student News Submission Guidelines

In order to improve readability and user-friendliness of Student News, we have developed several new guidelines for all submissions. It is important that all submissions adhere to these guidelines, as this will aid in making campus events more accessible, and, consequently successful, for the entire campus.

Our goal is to present a simplified newsletter with easy readability and navigation. The newsletter will be presented to the campus body in blog form, which will be easy to access from both computer and cell phone.

  • All submissions should involve college programs, no personal announcements or requests.
  • All submissions should be under 150 words. Regardless of submission style, all ads will be run in the same format (Calibri size 12). Text only; no graphics please!
  • If a form or flyer is needed for your particular ad, please submit it as an attachment in PDF format. It will appear in the newsletter as a link in your ad, which students may click to access and print. Remember to title your PDF appropriately and informatively, as this title will show in your ad.
  • Submissions may run for up to two weeks in Student News, which equals four newsletters. If you would like an ad run in more than one Student News (for example, both Monday and Thursday), please specify this in your submission. Otherwise, ads will only be run once. Keep this in mind as you schedule events to ensure adequate advertising for your event.
  • Requests for longer run times of an ad may be submitted to studentnews@millsaps.edu. Please resubmit your ad in its entirety with your request for a longer run time.

Student News runs Monday and Thursday of each week.

All submissions must be received by 5:00 pm the day before a Student News is scheduled to run. Thank you for your submission!